Integrate the downloadable presets with the software

I don’t understand why the downloadable presets aren’t just a part of FxSound as soon as it is installed. I’ve downloaded the zip about 45 times in the past 3 years and I’ve re-added them more than that. I think it would be beneficial to have the extra presets in the dropdown list so they aren’t “extra” anymore. They’re just presets. Something you guys can do is have a section here in the forum where users share their presets with the rest of the community and download them if they choose. That would ultimately create a more tightknit community. You’d be surprised how little things like that will get some of us to want to hang out here more and share presets and collect them. I know there’s only so many profiles that can be made, but with the clarity, bass boost, and the other sliders, there would be plenty of variation to justify this idea.

That’s the reason I stopped by but, since I am here, I’ll add that there are a couple other things that can be implemented that would strengthen the community. If you guys make the knobs and sliders, along with the background, skinnable. We could create skins to share with each other. It can be single skins that can be applied or it could be separated into a few parts that can be mixed and matched. Either way, that right there would create extreme super users that are here during every spare minute they have. I am sure you are familiar with Winamp. The skinnable feature alone created thousands of consistently active users that were “ride or die” for that audio player.

Think about it. You guys could even make skins to sell for a couple bucks and bundles for a few more dollars. The program remains free for the non skinnable version. Lol. The updated skinnable version can be 4.99 with your library of premium skins. Or it can stay free. I’m a business man, so just throwing that out there. Finally figure out how to incorporate audio reactor plugins that already exist such as milkdrop which has thousands of presets and make the color (red) adjustable to any color.

Idk what you are trying to do or why you made the decision to make FxSound free and opensource, but I am sure you have your reasons. Thanks for the awesome software. I couldn’t do without it. Boom 3D is garbage due to having to reinstall it almost every time you use it even though it seems like they don’t even know about that flaw.

I wish you and those you care about abundance, wealth and good health. Take care.

–O.D.D TV aka ODDzilla

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Hi ODDzilla;

You can find the Preset sharing thread here:

We are currently investigating the creation of different color schemes for the interface.

Here’s the thing: some people want one thing, some people want the completely opposite thing, and there is no way to do both things at the same time.
For example, this was posted yesterday,