Want to change order of presets

My presets only appear at bottom; i jump back and forth between two of my custom presets and would like to have them at the top - is this possibly a feature that could be added? Like the drag-and-drop ability in Windows bookmark lists, please?

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Hi Dan,
While I also quite like the idea, I am nevertheless going to have to disappoint you here, since this would interfere with the way the software stores Presets (default ones on top, additional ones below).
To paraphrase the PawnStars meme: “Best I can do is this hack trick” - which allows a user to transfer added Presets to the default location, and, upon closer consideration, perhaps also allows for the inverse (to transfer default Presets to the location where additional Presets are stored).
But, I haven’t tested this second possibility yet.
I should also conclude by emphasising that messing with these settings is done completely at your own risk.

Thank you for the hack suggestion; i tried but no luck. Another possibility: FxSound only allows custom presets to be deleted, not the installed ones. If the “delete preset” option were available for ALL presets, that would allow all unused presets to be deleted (perhaps after exporting to a backup file?), then i would only have the few custom ones that i always use at top for much easier access.
Also, i tried the control-shift-up arrow shortcut to move to the preset above on the list, but nothing happens. Any suggestions? Even this feature would reduce time shifting from my one custom preset to the other and back again.
In appreciation, --dan

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If you only wish to change the order of your additional Presets inside their own dedicated menu, then I’m guessing the instructions on importing and exporting Presets will probably get the job done.
Start by exporting your additional Presets in bulk to any different folder; next, delete them one by one from within the main interface by clicking Delete Preset in the Settings menu; and then import them again one by one in the desired order.

See the same hack trick I posted earlier… I really wouldn’t recommend it, but, you could try simply deleting the default Presets from the Factsoft folder (after having copied and saved them).

We are currently actively working on that.

And where, please, might i find you could try simply deleting the default Presets from the Factsoft folder ?

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As mentioned in the trick posted by @FX.Love, the Factsoft folder can be found on your hard drive, under the path
C: \ Program Files \ FxSound LLC \ FxSound \ Factsoft

Thanks for all your help, but nothing seems to work. So i’m hoping you can get the control-shift-up or down arrow shortcut working as that will basically give me a very easy way to switch between my two custom presets at bottom of list. In appreciation, --dan

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I just successfully removed all default Presets by following the instructions provided…



The full instructions to the trick are repeated again below.
Please note that when the instructions mention “exiting FxSound completely,” this is what you need to do:



Come to think about it, with a bit of effort, any user could create any desired list of Presets in any desired order with this trick…
However, I guess it bears repeating that:

:bangbang: This hack is illegitimate voodoo, not officially condoned or encouraged by FxSound in any way, and employed entirely at the user’s own risk at all times. :bangbang:

Thanks again for trying to help. But i’m afraid you are using an earlier version as the pictures and instructions you send don’t match what i get on-screen. Anyhow, i’ve taken way too much of your time, and hopefully soon the switch-presets shortcuts will be working. Now if i press control+alt+A, preset will switch to the one below it, but if i want the one above, i need to press 12 times to rotate through the entire list. I wish there were a control+alt+? to switch to the preset above.
In appreciation, --dan

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That’s what I’m here for.

I’m using the latest version, v1.1.20.0, available from fxsound.com .