Unlimited number of saved EQ presets

a unlimited number of saved eq presets would be very helpful, and its something so simple. 10 only is very little, i was thinking about moving to another eq app due to this, but couldn’t find one as simple and good like this one. Hope you guys consider this. thx

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Good afternoon Alejandro,
I added your request to the existing thread.
You can find the link underneath your opening post.
By the way, I just thought of a possible workaround:
If I’m not mistaken, you should be able to create as many presets as you like, if you use the function to import and export presets wisely - in theory, all you’d have to do, is simply export (or place) the custom-made presets you are not currently using, away in a different folder for storage.
At the moment, this is only a theory, but I will be testing it later this evening.

I just tested it, and can confirm this works. :dizzy:

You can do this:

  1. The easy way (recommended): simply by using the built-in import/export options in FxSound’s menu; or

  2. The hard way: by copying all the presets you can temporarily miss directly from
    C: \ Users \ [YourUsername] \ AppData \ Roaming \ FxSound \ Presets
    to another folder of your choice, newly created or already-existing; and then deleting them one by one through the menu in the interface. (Yes, you could also just delete the presets directly inside the Roaming folder too, of course, but you’ll get one or more annoying error messages after doing so. EDIT: I just tried this - avoid it, it will destroy your presets!) It’s worth mentioning that you’ll need to go to Tools > Folder Options > View in the menu bar on top, and enable Show hidden files, folders, and drives first, in order to be able to access the hidden AppData folder, and perform the operation this way.

thanks for this helpfull tip, and i hope they make unlimited saved presets become a thing on this app soon

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