Presets for Individual Headset Brands/Models - Optimal Sound Settings / Everyday Use

Post here if you have built your own preset specifically for your Gaming Headset or Headphones that you believe is ideal for an all-around experience to include, Gaming, Watching Videos or Listening to Music.

*Note - Please include the Brand and Model of the Headset or Headphones you built the preset for.

Someone built a Preset on FXSound for my exact headset and the audio is absolutely perfect.

I found the one I use is best of all 3 and don’t have to change in between presets.



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Welcome to the forum! :vulcan_salute:

The latest version, v1.1.22.0, supports up to 20 additional Presets, and can even go up to 100, if you:

  1. Navigate to
    C: \ Users \ [YourUsername] \ AppData \ Roaming \ FxSound

  2. Find the file named FxSound.settings

  3. Open it with WordPad, and

  4. Edit the line, and more precisely the number at the end of this line, correctly:

< VALUE name=“max_user_presets” val=“44”/ >

  • Note: I was forced to add the spaces between < VALUE and / > , but the spaces should be absent in your .settings file.

  • Note: you’ll need to go to Tools > Folder Options > View in the menu bar on top and enable Show hidden files, folders, and drives first, in order to be able to access the hidden AppData folder.

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I don’t think you understood the topic of my Post. I was saying for the enthusiasts out there who like to create presets to post it here to include the Brand and Model of headset they created it for so other users with the same headset can give it a try.


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