A Thread To Share Your Custom Presets

I have found the default and downloadable presets to be a bit lacking, and have tweaked until i found settings i like… so i came to look for user made presets to see if there are any that i like better, and see nothing like that here. So lets make a thread with presets that are not the default/downloadable that everyone uses!

Here is mine, hope you guys can enjoy it.



Nice idea! :+1:

(I tweaked the title of the thread a bit, hope you don’t mind.)

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I remember @markili114 created presets for the Logitech z333 Speaker System:

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Excellent idea, @semiblind, I’ll give yours a go. I’m new to all of this, and need summat fairly easy and straightforward.

I’ve found the downloadable presets useful, but limited. Would like to see some for electronic/club/chillout.


Looks like your file has been deleted… :pensive:

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You could still recreate it based on the screenshot, with a bit of effort…

One by @Rui:

Have you visited


Adding this request so more users can find it,

Adding one more,

:dizzy_face: Oh, boy - that’s a lot of presets! Thank you, @Dolmatov!

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:metal: Awesome I love this idea.


Adding this share by @jolom,

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Here is my custom for my soundbar/surround sound, sounds okay to me but I really hardly know anything about EQ, didnt really mess with the round sliders very much


For Edge users (who possibly don’t exist) and also perhaps for chrome users whose downloads go straight to the download folder, here’s a tip on how to convert the file into .zip from .txt (i myself have tried dozens of ways without checking the internet, you may find a less painful way online?)
-When it is downloaded, click on the “Open in folder” option to go to the downloads folder where it is stored.

-When in the downloads folder, right click the file, and click on “Properties”. There, when you see its name, remove the ‘.txt’ part of the name, and click OK. A prompt would appear, which says the file may become unusable if the file format is changed. Click on continue.

Hope I was able to help!

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Just redefined the preset music for more vocal clarity… works great for me when listening to singers like shawn, justin, selena, camila, dua, billie, eminem too and many more

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