A Thread To Share Your Custom Presets

I have found the default and downloadable presets to be a bit lacking, and have tweaked until i found settings i like… so i came to look for user made presets to see if there are any that i like better, and see nothing like that here. So lets make a thread with presets that are not the default/downloadable that everyone uses!

Here is mine, hope you guys can enjoy it.



Nice idea! :+1:

(I tweaked the title of the thread a bit, hope you don’t mind.)

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I remember @markili114 created presets for the Logitech z333 Speaker System:

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Excellent idea, @semiblind, I’ll give yours a go. I’m new to all of this, and need summat fairly easy and straightforward.

I’ve found the downloadable presets useful, but limited. Would like to see some for electronic/club/chillout.


Looks like your file has been deleted… :pensive:

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You could still recreate it based on the screenshot, with a bit of effort…

One by @Rui:

Have you visited


Adding this request so more users can find it,

Adding one more,

:dizzy_face: Oh, boy - that’s a lot of presets! Thank you, @Dolmatov!

:metal: Awesome I love this idea.

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Adding this share by @jolom,

Here is my custom for my soundbar/surround sound, sounds okay to me but I really hardly know anything about EQ, didnt really mess with the round sliders very much