Hi need help with a EQ Setting PUBG

Hi I would also like to help me with some EQ Settings for PUBG Steam, thank you. I use Corsair HS80 USB headphones but with iCUE software I can’t hear any footsteps at all, just the drag and the bombs and the ambient sound.

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Hi Alex,
Just to be clear: are you looking for help finding the appropriate settings in FxSound to better hear the footsteps in PUBG: Battlegrounds?
If so, I guess the best thing to do would be to use some combination of the Dynamic Boost slider (which increases overall volume) along with the Clarity slider and the two or three Equalizer sliders most to the right (i.e., the high frequencies).

To elaborate a bit further; you’ll probably achieve the best high-frequency boost by turning the dials under the Equalizer sliders all the way up to their highest levels - that’s 6.35 kHz, 11.76 kHz and 16.00 kHz for the three sliders most to the right, respectively.
There are also twelve additional Bonus Presets you can download for free at

it hasn’t been very helpful what you have told me some screenshot or something like setting the EQ or something.

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Sure. Try these settings.
You can also find the .fac file attached but with a .txt extension (since the forum only allows certain file types); after you’ve downloaded it, change the filename and remove the last four signs (.txt) to make it a .fac file again (you can ignore the warning pop-up), then follow the instructions on importing and exporting presets linked below to add the preset.
If you encounter any clipping (distortion due to excessive loudness), turn the previously mentioned sliders (Clarity/Dynamic Boost/EQ) down a bit.

PUBG.fac.txt (958 Bytes)

thx you very much it’s work great. have a great weekend

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Glad to hear that. :+1: