Spoken Word Preset

Hello. Could you suggest a general preset or two for spoken word? Thank you.


Good afternoon Jackson,
I added your request to the existing preset sharing thread.
You can find the link underneath your opening post.

If you can give me a link to an example of what you’re going to be listening to, along with a short description of what you want the result to sound like after processing, then I’ll do my best to whip up a couple of presets for spoken word just for you tonight.

Have you tried the standard “Voice” and “Transcription” presets?
See how the sliders change relative to other settings. You may want to reduce or increase something.


Also try out old presets. “Dialog boost”, “Vocal Boost”.
You need to test different presets yourself to see the most suitable sound.


Also Try Out The New Presets For FxSound. “J-Rock” “J-Pop” “J-Rap” “Eclectic” “Rap” “Concert Hall” “90s” 80s" “2000s” “70s” “60s” “50s” “40” “30s” “Treble Boost” “60s Jazz” “Blues” “C-Pop” “C-Rap” “K-Pop” “K-Rap” “Blues” “Synthpop” “India Pop” “Indie Rock” “3D Sound” “Dubstep” “EDM” “Electronic” “Rock” “Alternative” “West Coast Rap” “Hip-Hop” “Game Mode” “Bass Boost” “Dancehall” And So Much More And So Do We Have A Deal For The Development Team Of FxSound

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What is this I don’t even… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Is this some strange form of spam?
Because I really don’t get it.

hey i don’t really know what you really know is there another spoken word preset that i have a suggestion for you