Logitech z333 Speaker System Calibrated EQ's

Hi there!

I made a calibrated EQ’s for the Logitech z333 Speaker System. Keep in mind that this is calibrated to make it sound near as flat as possible. In which shall output the best that this speaker could make in relation to the producer, artist, or engineers intended.

Now, I don’t have an idea how this would sound to your setup with the same speaker system as mentioned. Since we all have different room acoustics. But for reference just keep the bass knob dialed in the center position. And not to place your subwoofer near the corner where it will amplify the bass too much.

I’ve also added a modified version for movie watching and gaming.

Download: Logitech Multimedia Speaker System - Google Drive


Thank you for your effort, Mark;
Now let’s hope that the folks with that particular system, also find this particular thread…


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I’ve just sign up to say tks, as a producer it means a lot

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