Presets, an observation and half a goal

From Windows 11 File Explorer (23H2 22635.3640), I opened a preset (70s). FxSound opened to the previous preset and not the preset selected in Windows (no worries, not a goal).

What is noteworthy is the list of available presets - it was limited to the imports found in %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\FxSound\Presets. When launched this way, the built-in presets were not listed. I found that odd.

I do not have any issues with saving or importing presets. I have a passing interest in modifying the list order in the drop down control. Import/edits are listed alphanumeric sort, built-in are not, and there is a separator.

Is there a method available to modify the list order of presets? What/Where are the two list sources?

Just curious. I really only use two of them.

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The factory-loaded Presets are saved in the folder
C: > Program Files > FxSound LLC > FxSound > Factsoft
The additional ones (Bonus & custom) are saved in the hidden folder
[ user account ] > AppData > Roaming > FxSound > Presets