Not a very smooth initial experience

Just some feedback…

I just installed FxSound for the first time on my Win11 Pro 23H2 system. I really wish I’d known that it was a standard Windows application, or I would not have used the Microsoft Store to obtain it. But use the Store I did.

Version was installed, even though is available.

I checked for updates, and it downloaded But the updater failed, claiming a digital signature mismatch or some such thing.

Then I manually downloaded and did a full binary comparison of that file to the file that had been automatically downloaded to \Update earlier, and found the two installers were identical.

The installer worked fine when I ran it manually.

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When/how long ago did this happen?

Today; a short while ago.

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Thank you.

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Hi @Scott, Thanks for reporting this issue. We will look into the Windows store app listing and update issues.