Windows Store App Problem

Windows 10 and 11 Store problem.

Tried to download the “FXSound” app in the Windows store but when I try to install it, the store comes back with a message that says “There is an error on our end”.

Error problem has been present for a while now…

Can someone please fix this?

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Thanks for reporting this, Ron.
Have you tried downloading the software through yet?

@bvijay: Downloads of FxSound on the Windows store are giving error messages,

Yes, I downloaded directly from FXSound and installed on my desktop but later found it on the Windows Store. This is where I found the problem. It gives the error message when I try to download to my laptop I have NOT installed FXSound on.

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OK. Noted.
Did you manage to install correctly on your laptop with the download from the dotcom site?

Hi @rkent57,
If FxSound is already installed then you can uninstall it before downloading from Windows Store.
I am not able to replicate the error from Windows Store. So, can you please share the screenshot of the error. We can contact Microsoft to find a resolution.

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See attached screen shot…

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I am also experiencing difficulty. 27 April 2300 hrs EST

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@rkent57 @Antman
Microsoft has given some troubleshooting steps for installation issues on Microsoft Store. Can you please check if these helps fixing the issue,
I can’t find or install an app from Microsoft Store - Microsoft Support

@rkent57, also in the screenshot there is a link saying “See details” below the error message. Can you expand that and share the error details?

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