FxSound is now in the Windows App Store

It’d help us out a lot if you could give us a review!


Done! Hope can spread the word :slight_smile:


Ha ha, Nice!!! no more have to click manual update xD?! Finally one of the best sound eq app in store…


Unfortunately the download via MS Store seems not working :frowning:


We don’t seem to be able to download FxSound properly from the Microsoft Store. In addition, it seems that the mainland region cannot download the software from the official website normally. I hope the official can fix it.

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Okay, thanks for reporting this.
I passed the news on to James.
If you really need to download the program, this link is still up - big thanks to @caleb59:
Gofile - Free file sharing and storage platform

@NanoRocky In FxSound app submission for Microsoft Store, all the 241 supported regions are selected.
Is there any other app that you are able to download from Microsoft Store?
You can directly download from our website until we find a solution to download from Microsoft Store for your region.

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