Unable to upgrade from to

OS is WIn-11

Running and chose to upgrade to the latest version of however, after I ran the most recent file then opened up the program, the version still shows!

Still works and runs but have not noticed any differences. Just fails to show the updated version in the “about” area.

Is this a bug or a Win-11 issue?

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Hi Ron,
Sorry for your trouble…
Could you try downloading and installing the file linked below? This trick usually works; I know it might seem a bit dodgy but one of our users @caleb59 was so kind to share this and I assure you the link is completely safe, just click the big orange “Download Now” button, and please report back here after applying this fix to see if the issue persists.

Perhaps a different bit depth was installed or another error occurred. Uninstall the program and make sure there are no FxSound LLC folders left in both program files folder. Then reinstall. Before starting the installation, make sure that the required version of the program is specified in the fxsound_setup properties.

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