No sound - using an audio interface

I have been using FXSound with my UA Volt audio interface for a year now. A few weeks ago, when FXSound is open, no sound plays. I have to exit the FXSound app to get audio. There is only one audio output option on my PC (Volt Audio Interface).

Any suggestions?

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Good evening Gabe,
Please refer to my first-aid-kit list of settings to check (I usually just add a recent link to the list because it has over 20 bullet points).
You can ignore the suggestions which obviously aren’t for you, like turning down the Effects sliders and trying LatencyMon.
Please post back and let me know if your problem persists after running through the list; if so, we can explore further options, and I will call in some help.

Could you please share which version of Windows and which version of FxSound you are running?
Also, since the Volt Audio Interface is connected via USB, I looked up some previous advice given about USB-connected devices: