Keeps reverting back to realtek

I make my FX sound the default audio on my Windows 11 . But when I restart computer again it reverts back to realtek. How can I stop this.

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Hi aoffy,
Apparently this is a known Windows issue.
The good thing about that, is that there are people out there experiencing the same thing.
Here are two links on that issue containing tips to solve it - but first, a note: please be very careful when messing with drivers.
Make sure you know what you’re doing, otherwise, you might bork your system.
Also, in your Sound settings, have you tried disabling Exclusive Mode for all devices?
This mode is known to cause problems, especially with Realtek devices.

If one of these tips solves your problem, please let me know.
If the problem persists, please also let me know, so we can explore further steps.

None of those solutions work other than attempting deleting/removing realtek audio, which I am not prepared to risk. It is clear in Windows 11 after any restart the system will revert back to the realtek built in audio rather than any third party app.

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OK. Let me tag Vijay.
@bvijay: Do you perhaps know of a way to stop the default device from switching?

What I will say though, is that this issue is most likely caused by either Windows, or Realtek, and not by FxSound.
So contacting the support services of those companies seems like a smart idea if you wish to get it fixed.

Microsoft support:

Realtek support:

I’m having the same problem as @aoffy66. Actually, this is the 2nd time I’ve had this issue and it came after a Windows update like the first time (but I sense this is a RealTek issue).

It’s a pain in the butt, but as soon as my computer comes out of sleep mode, I have to go into “open volume mixer” and then to “output device”. My speakers are defaulted to “FxSound speakers”. I then click the dropdown menu and choose “Speakers - RealTek audio”. Oddly, as soon as I do this the option reverts back immediately to “FxSound speakers”, but my sound starts working again.

I’m guessing that either Windows or RealTek is being besieged with complaints about this and will correct it in an upcoming update. That seems to be what happened when I had this problem before.

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well thats crazy incompetent software tech

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Thanks for sharing and bringing us one step closer to the facts of the matter, @coachtim30.

You’re welcome, @doolhoofd. I hope it gets resolved soon.

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