Is it possible to reduce total volume?


at first I’d like to say ‘awesome app’!. Simple and easy to understand → I Love It!

My first question here: Is it possible to reduce the total volume? Or in other words is it possible to set a new 100% total volume level?

Because Win10 or Win11 is way too loud for me. I am currently using the HyperX Cloud 2 wireless.

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Hi @Foioyoi,
Regret to inform you that there’s no volume control built into FxSound’s main interface, so you’ll have to adjust it some other way.
Under standard circumstances, each device in your Windows Sound Settings has its own volume control, and your chosen media player probably has multiple options for volume control as well.
Many media players allow you to lower the baseline volume by fiddling with their additional settings (this can be done effortlessly through VLC’s Equalizer option, for example).
Another option would be to install a small additional piece of software like EqualizerApo that has a PreAmp, which allows you to lower the baseline volume very easily as well.

Also, if you use Chrome to surf, you could try this free EQ tool with its own PreAmp built-in made specifically for the browser:

I hope I didn’t misunderstand your problem…
You can control all working channels - including the main Windows volume - with this, completely independently, I use this for this purpose: EarTrumpet

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Thanks, @gidano.

Hey, thanks for the quick reply. Such a pity. I am still wondering why windows hasn’t implemented the feature yet.

@doolhoofd thanks for the explaining. Makes sense.

I found out by pressing WIN + G you can easily control the volume like @gidano said. Thats awesome. Thanks :slight_smile:


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Hey, just wanna let others know how you can reduce the total volume by using the shortcut WIN + G and FxSound. I marked them with a red square.

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You may be describing a different problem:
Windows does not remember System Volume setting
Software is configured to reset System Volume

Windows/DFX/media player of choice “should” remember the current volume setting. Examine your configuration carefully. Failing that, there is a Windows setting…

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