How to not let FXSound automatically reset to default audio device in settings?

I cant figure out how to make it not become default device, I’ve messed around in windows settings and FXSound’s settings but I cant find a solution. Reason is I need all sound to come clean to my headphones except for the game, I can make the individual game process not go through FXSound using audio mixer on windows, but its not a permanent fix.

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Good afternoon Ed,
This is just a basic axiom to how FxSound works, and there’s no workaround.
It needs to be set as the Default Device at all times, and if this condition is not met, no audio can be processed.
You’re always free to switch to another audio enhancer, e.g.:

…I’m not sure, but there may be a way to send only your game through FxSound processing using VoiceMeeter Banana, a free multi-channel audio mixing tool…
The software is quite difficult to get set up properly though, so you might want to go through the tutorials first.

I have the same kind of question or tricky to reinstall FX and it goes right into being Default on Win. 10 and then instead of my speakers being the Default it changes to my phone communication and there’s no phone on this computer or being used in any capacity and so that part in the sounds panel would be all the same to splits-ville or delete or disable communication by phone as far as the sounds control panel go.
In the meantime, there’s also Dell Monitor that shows up and again, i’m not using that as any part of the sounds.
So, is my situation any different or about in the same capacity of solution as this posting?

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Hello Keith,
This is a quick link to my standard troubleshooting list.
These two tips in particular seem most relevant to your case:

  • Try setting FxSound as the Default Communications Device (this actually sets FxSound as both the Default Device ànd the Default Communications Device simultaneously, but only shows it as the Default Device);
  • In Windows Sound Settings, disable all the devices you don’t need, including the hidden ones (the Dell monitor, in this case).

Please let me know if this helps.