FXSound doesn't seem to work on high definition audio device

You heard me.

My only audio device cant play fxsound. Everytime i try to set it to default, it doesnt work.
It only had sounds for a SPLIT 0.1 second, then it reverts to FXSound enhancer. And, despite how the visualizer is playing too (in the app and device audio settings), i cant hear sounds.

I tried to disable/enable exclusive settings too, but that doesnt change anything.
I have tried reinstalling too, and it doesnt work. I checked the logs from appdata, and nothing important shows up.

Back then, it used to work on the same device, but one day it just suddenly went poof and i have no idea about that.

It just simply doesnt work.

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Hi Aster,
I’ve pinned my troubleshooting list to the top of the forum, could you please run through that and post back with your results?
If the problem persists, I will contact @bvijay for assistance.

Just to clarify: which device are you setting as the Default Device?
Because this needs to be FxSound.

Also, since this is easy to check: can you confirm that while audio is playing and the Visualizer is active, your “Speakers (Headphones Plugged)” device is selected in FxSound’s device menu at the top right?
If not, then you should check your Windows Sound Settings for hidden devices; but if it is, then we’ve narrowed the problem down to no sound on your device, and then the next things to try would be, to play audio with the Power button set to Off; and to play audio after having Exited FxSound, by right-clicking on the tray icon at the bottom right of your screen, and selecting “Exit.”