How to keep up with updates?

I don’t see an update checker built into the app. Neither is there a github repo to watch. What am I suppose to remember to check manually like a neanderthal? Curious. I don’t have MS App Store installed, if it is suppose to update through that?, it’s not an option for me. I sideload MS Apps.

Side note, great little piece of software! Love it. Will be donating soon, just need to figure out the update issue. Everything else is mint, no bugs or errors, switches between sources fine. Most importantly delivers that quality sparkle to sound which make me giddy and tinkly with prepubescent like hormonal arousal (yet I’m middle aged).

Most appreciated is the side-chain compressor built-in, so that while listening to music and a video comes on, the app ducks the music in favor of video. That’s magic only a certain few can appreciate. I imagine that’s the ‘dynamic boost’ option slider. Just fantastic.

Btw, I have mine set to the Gaming preset and it seems to balance everything proper between different media, so that yer not preset jumping all the time. Clarity 4, Ambience 1, Surround 3, Dynamic 7, Bass 3.

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Glad you like the software.
There’s a “Check for updates” link in the Settings menu, which leads to the changelog - well, if you have a recent version, that is, the most recent version being v1.1.20.0.
And there is always a new thread on the forum whenever a new version is released (look and ye shall find).

Open the main menu (the three horizontal stripes top right),
go to “Settings,”
then to “Help.”
You should find the “Check for updates” shortcut there.

I use chocolety now, but there seems to be some virus scan false positive on the page that should be cleared up to not confuse the people.

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Perhaps, but that’s not FxSound’s responsibility, since the download is offered by a third-party external site.