You ruined all my sound!

Dear FX:

  1. It would have been nice if you would have said somewhere that when re-downloading the update, you will have to reboot. Otherwise, it took ALL my sound out when I didn’t have FX on, and when FX was on, you could barely hear it even at full blast. This was the NEW update .22 from .20

  2. I hope there is some help that if FX is removed, it doesn’t take your sound along with it.

  3. When there is another update available (eg .20 to .22) the OLD v. does NOT work, or open up. Also, the regular update button never works. even when an update is available, it just says there’s an “error”.

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On behalf of the entire team, our apologies for the problems you experienced.
And thank you for editing your post and providing further details to help us improve.

My experience is different. As a moderator on the forum, I’ve switched versions successfully many times in the past.

Which button are you referring to? The “Check for updates” link in the Settings?
This is a known issue, and it is actively being worked on, see the most recent commits to the issue below.
When a new version is released, downloading the installer .exe and running it, does the trick for me 90% of the time.

@opsvixen sorry about the troubles with your sound. I just issued you a refund for the donation.

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