Future Update Monetization Idea: Kickstarter Campaigns

So after downloading the application, really liking it, and finding out it is no longer supported, I was thinking about where most software development for Desktops generally are starting to fall under a SAAS. Freeware and the freedom to use/donate is generally low. I was thinking of how widely used back in the day mIRC was and I thought it was only one person who had ever donated.

A new thing that has become prevalent is the use of kick starters. Not everyone can afford to put down a certain amount for donations or want to get annually nickel and dimed for every small software piece they use.

Maybe use Kickstarters. List out the feature to be developed and do a calculation on the manhours or cost to develop feature and put it out there. This gives people who really want a feature and have the ability to donate, covers you in a way (Like being contracted), and development can continue.

I would probably also put in a notification or dot* in the Hamburger so people can get notified that new feature(s) are being kickstarted or developed.

Maybe that would work out?


Hi zenrage,
Thanks for the suggestion.
I have no role to play in further development since I’m just a forum mod, but I’ll tag @bvijay for you so he sees your message.
(By the way, anyone can do this; simply put an @ before the name of the user you wish to tag…)

Thanks @zenrage for the suggestion.
@james is the right person to take a call on taking this path.

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Thanks for the love and for the thoughtful suggestion @zenrage. You’re right that something like a kickstarter with a clear goal and description of how we’d use the money would probably generate more in donations.

But I’m not sure there are features to add that would be a meaningful improvement at this point. Not without hiring a new digital signal processing engineer. This would be pretty expensive and a tough job given the lack of documentation around this part of our code.

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It could be something as small as having a mini mode or UX skinning or as heavy as what you are thinking about. It isn’t necessarily my forte and I found this software to play around a bit between FPS/Music/MMO when I finally hooked up better speakers! Works great on Win11…

You have a great CS/Mod with @doolhoofd , so maybe he/she can aggregate a list of meaningful suggestions in the feedback forum.

Anyway glad you guys read it! Thank you again for a great application and I am sorry it didn’t work out. This idea could be a template to use on different ventures in the future, if you have an idea to expand this into a suite or have other nifty little application ideas out there.

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Hey, thanks for the compliment. :slight_smile: