Feature request - how to know which device is active with one click

I am on Windows 11. When I have more than one device connected, the only way I can know which device is active is by clicking four steps. Currently when I hover over the sound icon in the tray, it only says Speakers(FX Sound Audio Enhancer): xx%. No clue which is connected.
When I click on the sound icon>select a sound output. It gives me Speakers(FX Sound Audio Enhancer) as the selected option, but no further input.
Finally if I have to know which device is active, the four steps I have to take are taskbar^ > FxSound(on)>(rt click)> hover over playback device select to know which device is active.

Can we have an option where on hovering over the sound icon on system tray, it says speakers(fxsound:playback device active).

If that is not feasible, then the next best option is Taskbar^ > hover over fxsound icon which says fxsound(active device). In the settings you could also have the option of showing preset select instead of playback device, for users who prefer that

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You should be able to see the active device with just one click:

active output