Question Concerning Two Sound Playback Devices Being Active In Control Panel

I’m currently using fxsound version on my windows 10 pro version tablet, the installation procedure went well and I’m able to utilize the software correctly. But the issue I’m currently experiencing is when I go into control panel area in the sound category in the ‘playback’ area, I’ve noticed that when I have some audio playing I’m seeing two different devices showing audio movement in the green soundbars. The two devices that are showing activity when a source of audio is playing are as follows: (1) Speakers FXSound Audio Enhancer Default Device (2) Speakers Intel SST Audio Device (WDM) Default Communications Device, on this device I went into the ‘advanced’ settings area and unchecked the exclusive mode box like was indicated to do in the frequently asked questions area of the fxsound help area. I thought by having that box unchecked there wouldn’t be any kind of audio activity movement on the sound bar next to that category. I really don’t know what else to try to fix this issue, at least I do have the the functionality of the fxsound software.
David :thinking:

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Hi David,
Don’t worry, this is completely normal, because FxSound operates on top of your audio output device.


I really appreciate the quick response, I didn’t know if I had done something wrong or not. I actually discovered this software by accident, on one of my different windows computers I noticed a folder that had this software name on it, since I’ve gotten older I didn’t recognize the name so I investigated it and now I’m so glad I did. Please Stay Safe and Healthy.

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No worries.
Happy to help.