Exclusive - enable/disable with MIDI controller?

Hi @benson,
Sorry for the delay in my reply,
In Windows audio device topology, FxSound Speakers are an output device and if FxSound is chosen as the default output device, application audio outputs are streamed to FxSound. FxSound application then processes the audio stream and sends it to the physical audio device selected in FxSound application.
If your MIDI application requires exclusive use of the audio output device, you can enable exclusive mode for the output device. I would recommend that you turn off Fxsound processing using the FxSound power button in the application when using your MIDI application.
Even if MIDI speaker controls are displayed in FxSound Speaker properties, as far as I know FxSound audio driver does not do any MIDI related processing.
Hope my explanation is helpful. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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