Does Max Recorder still work

All of a sudden, my Max Recorder program no longer works. Has it been discontinued by FX Sound?


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Hi Coach,
Let me ask @james.
He should get back to you shortly.

Ah, it seems I can answer this one myself.
Yes, apparently Max Recorder has indeed been discontinued in the company’s broader effort to cut costs.
The decision is explained in the link below (they’ve also linked an alternative program [EDIT: Do not install that program please as it may contain malware!]).
Hope this answers your question; let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

Thanks, Doolhoofd for checking this out for me. It’s a shame because Max Recorder was a reliable and safe program.

I’ve heard mixed reviews about Free Sound Recorder regarding malware. I wonder if anyone in the community has already downloaded it and, if so, what they think of it?

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Okay, so, yeah, you’re absolutely right, I really would not recommend installing Free Sound Recorder.
I’m going to kindly ask James to remove that recommendation from the FxSound page as well.
Thanks for the heads up coach, ya gotta watch your steps these days…

Removed from FxSound’s pages.
Thanks again.