Installing FxSound

Why the FxSound I install can’t work? My previous reg. no is VAF7C7F22. from Can somebody get in touch & fix this problem for me?

Hi Billy,
Support for the old versions has ended, see article linked below.
All licence keys have become invalid.
The only option that’s left is the new version, which you can download for free at
Hope that answers your question.
We've Discontinued Support of DFX and FxSound Enhancer

Not enough information about the problem itself.
Before installing the new program or an updated version of it, make sure that you completely uninstall previous versions of programs. After installation, make sure that Windows prompts you to select FxSound Speakers from the list of devices.

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Yes the installation works but why the registration unverified? Can you check? From

No, we can’t check.
All licence keys have become invalid.