Class Action Lawsuit

I did not know this bs happened until I recently had to wipe my computer and find I can no longer use FX Premium with my code after download? Ridiculous! I paid for a lifetime subscription for FX Premium and I should be able to download and use it with my code forever… but NO, it’s all been replaced with some crappy free version that really sucks and has less options than FX Premium. That is just wrong and these people giving the creator kudos is just crap! I am currently talking to attorneys about this and are looking into filing a class action lawsuit. I want what I paid for and I’m sure those that paid want the same, not this crappy free version that was just thrown out to try to appease! I will say it again… THIS IS NOT RIGHT! I’ve never been one to just take it and will be following through! The developer must have no ethics to do this to people! Give me and everyone else that paid good money what we deserve to have… the Premium FX version we paid for, period! Lord knows there’s plenty of evidence on this forum to support a lawsuit! I still have all my original emails and PayPal receipt! I will provide more info once I hear back from the attorneys and if this post doesn’t get deleted!

Rest assured, it won’t.

Sorry about this. We had to discontinue the registration server that was connected to the older version of FxSound that you were using. We can’t afford to keep those servers running at this time.

The new version of FxSound is in many ways an improvement over the older version that you were using. If you’re looking for more presets, we do have some for download here: Presets - FxSound

Again, I’m sorry for the change, but it’s what we needed to do to massively extend the access to FxSound to more people.

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Glad tidings! :star_struck: