Audio feedback when switching playback device

Hello all,

First of all I must say that FXSound is trully awesome, and I love the options it provides me with!

However, when trying to switch the audio to my wireless Logitech Pro X headset, once I click to change, I get continous audio feedback and I am not able to use it.

FXSound runs on a clean W11 installation, let me know if any other info are needed!

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Good evening Stelios, welcome to the forum.
First thing I’d recommend is downloading v1.1.22.0 and running the installer, since your screenshot is from a previous version.
You can download it for free on as always.
In addition, there’s also a main troubleshooting list located at the top of the forum.

Damn that was embarassing!

Thanks a lot @doolhoofd! That was a good reminder of Occam’s razor principle.

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No worries, all good.
Did you get your headset to work?
That was the objective, after all.

Yes the headset now works perfectly. It seems the update fixed the issue.

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Nice! :+1:
Thanks for the good vibes.