Audio cuts out randomly when listening to spotify

I will be listening to spotify and all the sudden the audio will cut out like this → IlIlIl_l_IlIlIl ←

I = audio
_ = no audio

sometimes it will do it once and other times it repeatedly does it and i thought maybe it was my speakers so i switched to my speakers and it worked perfectly fine and then i was like well maybe i should just unplug and plug them back in so then i did and it still continued to do it.

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Please refer to this post for a list of basic troubleshooting tips, and to @caleb59’s advice concerning LatencyMon in particular, and post back with your results.

nun of it helped

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i reinstalled it using microsoft store version and i thought it seemed like it wasnt doing it at first but after a few songs it started cutting out every minute or less

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Okay, questions:

  • What were your results from the scan with LatencyMon?
  • Please specify on which devices and which audio sources this glitching occurs: only on headphones (please specify brand and model)? Only on Spotify (and not on YouTube, for example)?
  • Please also specify which version of Windows you’re running.

i dont know what im looking for with latencymon but i ran it and got

“Conclusion: Your system seems to be having difficulty handling real-time audio and other tasks. You may experience drop outs, clicks or pops due to buffer underruns. One or
more DPC routines that belon to a driver runninq in your system appear to be executing for too long. One problem may be related to power management, sable CPU throttling
setti ngs f n Control Panel an BIOS setup. Check For BIOS updates .”

also im using creative pebble speakers, and it happens on spotify, youtube and prolly others too but ive just used these since ive downloaded fxsound and also im running windows 11

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Thanks for checking.
There should be a subsection in the scan results reporting the driver(s) with the highest DPC total execution time.
The Tom’s Hardware forum explained “DPC routines” as follows:
“DPC = Deferred Procedure Calls, actions that occur after interrupts.
Interrupts are actions that have to happen NOW and push into process order; DPC are the interrupted processes starting again.”
This is the page I visited:

This is a tutorial describing 4 methods of changing the Power settings of your computer/laptop (“Power/CPU Throttling”) - you’ll want to try method 1 first, since it is the easiest and safest, and method 4 only as a last resort ànd only after creating a system restore point.
All of these methods are at your own risk, so proceed with caution.

Updating your BIOS is an even riskier thing to do, and, in all earnestness, you probably should not attempt it unless you absolutely positively know what you are messing with.
However, just checking the version and the date it was last updated, should be safe to do either way.

P.S.: Some users also report improvement of stutter issues after turning off the onboard WiFi or Bluetooth (without disabling the network adapter), or after removing any attached WiFi or Bluetooth dongles.
This is a tutorial with 3 simple methods on how to safely disable wireless connections on Windows 11: