Audio change

When playing CS2 I will be in game listening to music and all of a sudden, the output changes to midi speaker? I have it in headphones for gaming? If I am in a competitive match this is not good. Please help me. Thank you

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Hello Stewart, welcome to the forum.
I usually refer users with difficulties to the list at the top containing the most common troubleshooting tips.
Which versions of FxSound and Windows are you running?
The first things to try in your case, would be to disable automatic output device switching (in the General tab of the Settings), and to disable any unnecessary devices.
Please post back and let me know if that helps (or not).
A possible workaround in this case, should your issue remain unresolved for the time being, would be to disable the FxSound Speakers device in Sound Settings while gaming, and to re-enable it while listening to music or videos.
Apart from the “Oops!” pop-up, which you can safely ignore, this should have no harmful consequences.
Some tips from the list are also worth applying in any case, like trying different frequency settings, and disabling Exclusive Mode, Hardware Acceleration, and Enhancements, for example.

Many thanks for your reply, it was the auto output :slight_smile:



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