Ambience setting distorts/muffles/garbles the bass. Can bass be isolated from Ambience processing?

Ambience sounds amazing, especially with headphones. I usually alternate between a setting of 4-6. Basically, it is an echo effect.

Although it sounds great in mid and high frequencies, Ambience setting does not work well with Bass. Bass is meant to be punchy, precise, dynamic.

The ambience settings makes bass sound muddy, non impactful, distorted.

Even in real life, sound engineers spend a fortune trying to get rid of bass distortion caused by echoes, by outfitting rooms with sound absorption materials, and finding a good position to place subwoofers to minimise resonance. Ambience should not be applying the effect to bass frequencies.

Please, can there be a way to only process the Ambience setting above say 125 Hz (or something similar), leaving the sweet bass frequencies alone?

Thank you.

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Hi Demon,
I understand your question, and you’re not the first to inquire about the Effects.
This was the recent answer from FxSound’s lead engineer to a similar question about the Clarity slider:

Link to the full thread:

A possible free alternative, which should be compatible with FxSound:
Sanford Reverb VST plugin + EqualizerAPO