How to get good clear bass

how do i get good clear bass like a car would do? what frequency do i set? Where do i set the bands to? what preset to make this work? for the whole eq btw.

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Hi Basslover,
The bass frequencies are defined as the low frequencies, the low end, or the lows for short, so your target will be the lowest frequencies, and thus, you’ll want to dial the frequencies of the two to four bands on the left side of the EQ as far down as you can.
I’ve created four Presets for you in this .zip file with ascending boost intensities. The forum only allows certain file types, so when downloading, or after downloading, edit the filename and remove the .txt extension to convert the download back to .zip, then unzip it, and follow the instructions on importing Presets.
If you’d like to try something else, you can also find a Preset pack with a total of 59 extra Presets, including the 12 Bonus ones, shared by @Dolmatov, one of our most helpful forum regulars, here.
Be sure to download and install the latest version, v1.1.22.0, from if you haven’t done so yet, since it allows you to add up to 20 additional Presets.

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