Very small issue/question

Is it possible to hide this notification that appears in every start up? It is definitely not a big deal but annoys me nevertheless


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Hi Jfm,
Welcome to the forum.
This is a fully automated notification, to let you know which device you are listening to, for obvious reasons of convenience.
I’m not sure if this will eliminate the notification, but what seems worth a try, is disabling automatic switching in the Settings menu:
Uncheck this box, and after your next startup, return here, and let me know if the notification is gone or not.
Here to help,

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Hey there, sadly this option doesn’t help. I already tried it.

I am not sure how frequently people change their devices but for me it is always one ^^

I guess I just need to live with it?

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Yes, it’s fully automated and hardcoded into the program, I’m afraid, so there’s not much else that can be done about it.

Shet :smiley:

Well, it is not a huge deal so its alright. Thanks for the answer ^^

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