UAC Randomly Triggered

Hi, FxSound has randomly triggered User Account Control in the background whilst I was using my computer. Any idea on why it might have did that?
This was on version 1.1.20 and the sound was still working.

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Did you download the installer .exe from an official source: or the Microsoft Store?
And could you provide a screenshot?
My first guess at a possible cause would be permission issues with some installation folders.
Either way, I’ve never heard of this happening before, and I’d recommend uninstalling your v1.1.20.0 via Control Panel and downloading and installing v1.1.22.0 from one of the above websites.

It was downloaded from I think I initially had the Microsoft Store version but it was couple of versions out of date.

I don’t have a screenshot but it was the request to make changes to the device UAC popup that randomly popped up in the background without me interacting with fxsound.

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I will ask our lead engineer @bvijay for his thoughts on what would be the most likely reasons for this behavior as soon as he returns.
And I’ll take a look to see if I can find the place where you can configure FxSound’s user account related settings and permissions later this evening.
In the meantime, it does not seem like anything to worry about, especially if you declined the requests, and FxSound kept on working without any other errors.

Did this happen right after running the installer, or sometime after?
And are you sure it was not just a general request to allow FxSound to make changes to your computer?

It happened out of the blue, fxsound was just running in the background which is what confused me. I haven’t ran the installer for over half a year now which is when I last updated it.

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Is there any chance you could Google up an image of a pop-up similar to the one you got?

FxSound requires read privileges to %PROGRAMDATA%\FxSound and read/write privileges to %APPDATA%\FxSound. Usually a standard user has these permissions and applications do not show UAC prompt.
Can you please run these two commands and confirm if you have permissions to these folders to let FxSound access them.

icacls %PROGRAMDATA%\FxSound
icacls %APPDATA%\FxSound
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Thanks, Vijay.

If you don’t have the necessary permissions, the first thing worth trying would be to look in
C: > Program Files > FxSound LLC > FxSound,
Open the Properties of the FxSound.exe with a right-click,
Go into the Compatibility tab,
And select “Run this program as an administrator” as its privilege level.