Taskbar icon doesn't hide FxSound

It would be nice if, when clicking again in the tray icon, FS hides its main window.
W7x64, I3-4170 generic MB.

The driver only works when a software does NOT request wasapi or directsound by itself.
So, it has no influence over AIMP, Midia Player Classic and sound editors.
It starts working only on windows default sounds and, for one, text to speech softwares.
To equalize all sounds, I am still using “equalizer APO”.

Most of all, you software solves a problem of my system: All the native sounds were slow to start. With FxSound, they become instant by the SECOND run. For example, starting voice to speech “banana”, it always sounded “nana”. But with FS, on the second run all sounds starts immediately.
Beautiful interface. Congrats for your job.


Hello Mark,
Welcome to the forum.
Your first two points are valid and constructive points of criticism, for which I’ll happily accept your last two points as compliments on behalf of the team in exchange.
Thank you for the valuable feedback.

I love the first suggestion thanks!

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