Support for more than 10 presets


As someone who really enjoys switching between presets; and often creates a couple presets for each pair depending on what I’m going to be using them for; I find it frustrating being limited by just 10 presets.

I don’t really require them all to be accessible via drop down; since I usually access presets via keybinds, but maybe folders would be a good middle ground here?

I just feel the limit on presets feels rather arbitrary.

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Hello Dewm!
Welcome to the forum.
I agree, it’s true, the preset limit is annoying.
At the moment, however, there’s simply not much that can be done about it.
Thank you for sharing your feedback (and for correctly labeling your thread); let’s hope the team does something with it.
Anyone else who agrees the limit is annoying?
This is your chance, please, speak up!
Best of luck,

Being a person who normally uses just one preset for all, i can still see where this leads for those audiophiles and people who maybe are more specific with their settings.

However, this would make much more sense if it would be possible to have some kind ot automatism to switch profiles. For example, to switch it automatically depending on the player or audio source used or, when technically possible, the type of music played. But that seems to be quite some effort and it do not know if something like this is possible at all anytime soon.

I think we had a discussion about this anywhere elese on the board also …

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