Suggestion : preset per program

Hi, thank you very much for this nice software and to made it free. (Donation)
There are many presets per default.
My suggestion here, that it will be very useful to have an automatic Switch between programs.
For example, when i am listening music on Spotify, I would appreciate to have the music preset automaticaly on. When i watch movies on VLC/ netflix, I would like to have the movies preset, etc…
I can do it manually :wink: but i think it could be useful to associate some presets to specific programs.
Thank you


Hi Florent,
It’s a function that is definitely under consideration, and maybe even already in active development, for future releases, and I would advise you to add your specific desires and wishes to the existing thread on that topic, linked below:

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This is a great idea and it is something we’ve thought about. Maybe for a future update depending on how intensive it is to build on our end.

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