Static sounds on spotify music

I’m receiving static sounds on SPOTIFY MUSIC. Can this be eliminated with FxSOUND? That’s why it was suggested to me instead of purchasing a DAC plus AMP. This is present on my computer and can only be heard with my Sure 840A head phones and also on lower grade headphones.

Hello Ron,
FxSound is a great program, ànd it’s free, but the static sounds… It ain’t gonna fix that.
You’ll want to contact Spotify’s support to find the root cause.
Hope that helps.

Just to be completely clear.
FxSound is an audio boosting program.
You can boost the treble, the bass and the stereo spread.
It also has an Equalizer.
But it doesn’t fix issues like distortion.

In the worst case, FxSounds effects like Clarity could even make the static even more noticeable! :wink:

I would go forward and try to find the reason of the static. This can, in case of Spotify, already be a bad online connection. Or a cable which is faulty. Also, i would try another computer/output device to see if the issue is the same or not …

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