Sound barely there hs80 corsair headset

CORSAIR HS80 HEADSET WORKED AMAZING WHEN I BOUGHT IT. IVE BEEN USING FXSOUND FOR YEARS NOW. (I guess one of the dumbasses who actually paid for it before it became free.) That gets me to where I am going with this. I have reformatted, reinstalled all drivers (for both fxsound, and headset, and main board audio chip software.) Just wondering why the F**k the sound goes to what sounds like a “4% volume” when I use my laptop? Did not do it when I first received my new headset…Does not do it on either of my desktops, Hell, does not do it on my old laptop. What the eff? I have already troubleshooted the problem multiple times with anything I can think of. Any suggestions would be nice. Im now having to not be able to use a program I actually paid money for that is now free. (you’re welcome) nice that ya’ll get your money and then screw all of us who just want some better sounding music. Shit was amazing until it was not. Get off vacation and try to look into your app compatibility with sound devices. FXSOUND is better than this.


Hello Alexander,
From what I’m hearing you say, it seems the reformat is the cause of your problems, and not FxSound.
But either way, I’m not a tech expert, so I won’t be able to solve this… but maybe @bvijay can?

fxsound uses a separate sound device driver, so start by checking your system volume levels (there are several). Make sure you check the volume of the desired device (when fxsound is running) so you don’t confuse it with the volume of another device.
In the second step, press the big round on-off button and check the sound with and without processing. You may need to change the selected preset or adjust the parameters.
Third, restart the Windows Audio service while the program is running. In rare cases, restarting it fixes a bug with various audio devices. I still do not understand whether this is due to Microsoft errors or to the errors of the driver developers.

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As usual, @Dolmatov is correct.
The first most logical thing to do here would be to check all volume sliders in your system one by one.

@Dolmatov solution sounds good. First thing to check for this volume problem is the volume settings on both the audio output device and FxSound. These settings can be accessed from Countrol Panel->Sound.

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