FxSound decreasing the sound

My FXSound was working correctly until a few months ago, but for some reason instead of increasing the sound, it decreases the sound to almost inaudible.

I’ve uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it several times, but nothing worked.

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Hi Kimi,
One of the most tech-savvy users on our forum gave this advice in a thread on the same topic:

Also, here’s a list of simple general settings to check first:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of FxSound installed (v1.1.16.0) from fxsound.com ;
  • Visit the manufacturer’s website and download software specifically made for your headphones and/or speakers;
  • Try running FxSound as Administrator;
  • In Windows Sound Settings, make sure all your devices match at the setting “24 bit 48000 Hz” (max);
  • In Windows Sound Settings, make sure the FxSound device is set as the Default Device;
  • In Windows Sound Settings, disable Exclusive Mode for all devices (Playback ànd Recording);
  • In Windows Sound Settings, disable all Enhancements including Loudness Equalization for all devices (except for FxSound which doesn’t have this tab);
  • In Windows Sound Settings, disable Hardware Acceleration;
  • In Windows Sound Settings, disable all devices you don’t use, including the hidden ones.

Please run through these steps first, and report back with your results.
In all honesty, I must say, there have been a few other users who had the same problem, and no definitive solution has yet been found.

I couldn’t resolve the error by normal methods, but it came back when I changed the motherboard and installed the drivers for it.
I didn’t change any peripherals.

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Wait. Just to clarify: do you mean the error came back, or the normal behavior came back?