Sometimes, you don't listen (a draft)

Behavior: Known Good Output Device not listed

Power on USB DAC or bluetooth headphone = No change in listed output devices

In Windows 11, DFX behaves as if it recvs the hardware definitions from Windows and only asks once. Once per what?

So, I use irzyxa’s Volume² [systray shown] to right click and directly select output device. This switches the output AND refreshes DFX output device list. Once per what engaged but not identified.

It is reasonable to conclude that others use DFX in conjunction with a separate audio control with systray support. Those qualified users who recognize this guidance may or may not report duplicated results.

Therefore, once per what remains elusive. What causes the hardware refresh that DFX recognizes and how is it scheduled?

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I am using multiple Insider releases and there is a difference in DFX behavior between editions.

At one point, EveryThing Audio was perfectly in sync - even Chrome with SmartMute. Freakin’ Impressive!!!

The point of this post is to remind:

Skinless cats. Make more of them. What DFX does is unrivaled. How it does that sans development is workable.

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DFX is an old program, I’m not sure even Vijay knows the answer to your query…

whatever it is called now. When necessary - To refresh the device list, change output device in a different app (here, Volume2 is already resident).

One way to find a missing BT device = cycle BT off and on.

Development is arrested and no fix is expected. Or needed. But - if I know where DFX gets the data, perhaps I can populate that source by other means.

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Well, if it concerns the new pink/purple version, you can still just ask Vijay by mentioning his username with an @ before it, or by sending him a PM.

On multiple Win11 desktops, 99.44% compliance is achieved. From time to time, the HTPC does not read/write a signal but this could be a usage error. For the most part, everything switches correctly and I have not taken any recognized action to facilitate this. It just works.

But, I know better. I know that it is the juxtaposition of settings across multiple interfaces. Over time, my muscle memory has adopted a certain configuration of settings in the OS, certain TSR programs, device manager, and fxsound.

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