Small bugs

  1. When my Win11 goes into sleep mode for several hours, the sound option in the lower right corner of my software will become “empty,” and I have to re-select a sound channel.
  2. “Auto switch to newly output device” is useless. Because my computer is always connected to three outputs, and it automatically switches to an output that I have never used before.

Just a user from China


Thank you for your report.
There are indeed known issues with sleep mode and automatic switching, and I do hope these issues will be addressed in coming updates.

Was going to mention a similar result as a new user. Windows 10 desktop and my monitor’s tiny speakers become the default/current playback device after my host wakes from sleep (sitting for 30+ minutes). That’s from the default Realtek rear speaker output jack with my headphones in it. Took me a bit the first time to realize it wasn’t just very quiet output, but the wrong device!

At first I thought it was confusion between that setting you mention in #2. So I turned it off and thought I’d solve it. Nope. No difference. I still need to manually pick the rear speaker anytime I walk away from my host for a bit.

That’s enough to make me uninstall the tool (that and not immediately falling in love/feeling like I require it). And I’m not even on a laptop!

I realize this is a free tool, and you often get what you paid for… Just wanted to give the opinion that it might seem an easy issue to work around (just don’t allow sleep), but that’s not always an OK choice.

I guess one more reason to hope this can become open source soon (after licensing changes, etc). Either way, thanks to the company/team for sharing the results of your previous work with us :).

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