Recreating FxSound UI

Hello there, I’m developing a GPT based AI assistant in Python and I wanted to make a desktop app for it, however, basically all UI Python libraries make UIs that look like they’re from Windows XP, and I was aiming for something more modern and minimalistic like FxSound. The only library that can let me do something like it is “pygame” but I still can’t achieve those nice rounded corners on the program window, or hide the window header with the title. I was wondering what kind of language the FxSound’s UI was programmed in, I found a .dll file in the program’s directory which makes me think it was made in C++, or something like that?

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Hi Vijay,
A question from @zRed:

Hi Geert, @zRed,
FxSound is developed in C++. It uses JUCE framework (Home - JUCE) for its UI. You can look at the sample code for achieving the UI styles like rounded corners.
JUCE framework also supports macOS, iOS, Linux and Android. So, you can develop once and build for different platforms.