Is there a way to change UI colors?

Thanks for the great software! I’m still learning how to use it for best results. But one thing I would like to change is the color, from its original red to green, which happens to be my favorite and looks great with black. Is there a way to make that change? TIA.



Good evening Paulo,
Short answer: no.
Currently there is no way to change the appearance of the interface in FxSound itself.
But I will keep your suggestion in mind for future purposes.

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I have version 1.19 now. is this a beta version?

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No, just an update.

changelog ?

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Should be updated soon at,
but in the meanwhile:

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Just adding a post from user @JMBWITHCATS with a similar desire to change colors,

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Adding another similar request by user @Ananda96 posted about an hour ago:

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A quick link to the feature request regarding the UI’s appearance on GitHub:

Adding a similar request regarding the color scheme of the UI, posted earlier today by @Ayjjala: