Problems with Sound Blaster Command Software


I have an Issue after I swapped in the Sound Blaster Command software between Headphones and Speaker, the FxSound Software lost the output Device.

I need to repick the output device always manually.

Any fixes for this out there?

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Hi Sir Lancelot,
Other than toggling the automatic switching option in FxSound’s settings or disabling the devices you don’t use, there’s probably not much that can be done about this issue - but then again, I may be wrong.

Well, after I did this, NONE output device is selected in FxSound Software. I don’t think it helps to disable all others.

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OK, I’ll tag @bvijay for you; perhaps he knows a solution.
In the meanwhile, since your issue is with third-party software and not much can be done in FxSound, you could perhaps also try contacting Creative for support, at

Also… I don’t know if it’ll help, but here’s a quick copy-paste of my standard list of settings to check anyway:

I tried it but it did not work.
The problem is that the Sound Blaster uses the same Windows output for the speakers and headphones, even though the sound card has two different ports. The button in the driver lets you switch between the two, but when you press the button, the Windows output disappears for a split second and reappears. Fx notices this and sets it to None, although it is available again shortly after. One way to fix this would be to disable this check, or if you could select inactive audio devices.

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Have you tried removing and re-adding the devices?
Usually they will appear separately if you do this.
Another thing you could try, is toggling the “Show Disabled Devices” and “Show Hidden Devices” options in your Playback Devices menu.
P.S.: Since FxSound appears to be functioning normally and the problem is a glitch caused by the Sound Blaster software, I personally wouldn’t consider it FxSound’s team’s responsibility to add a fix for this.

Judging by what is written, Windows emulates reconnecting the device. FxSound cannot know what another program is actually doing and react differently to it.
Only the option to automatically switch to a new device is available.
Suggesting and selecting “disabled device” is a bad decision.

I have another sound system with similar behavior: switching AC97/HD AUDIO front panel type; port reconfiguration. Changing the configuration also causes the device to reinitialize.
It seems that this is a feature of the operation of the OS and hardware, which cannot be solved in a simple way. It requires a complex change in the capabilities of hardware, the sound system of the OS with drivers, the OS API. It is unlikely to get a result unless some manufacturer or legislator obliges to update the specification and follow it throughout the computer world.

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Great clarification.
Thanks for that.