FxSound distorts sound with PS4 wireless controller even if disabled

I’m using Windows 10 22H2 64bit. I have a headset with 3,5mm 4-pin jack.
If I use the headset with a jack splitter to connect it to my PC, FxSound works great.
However, if I connect the headset to my PS4 wireless controller which is connected to my PC with USB, the sound becomes distorted even without pressing the big red activation button. I have to exit FxSound to correct the audio.
I have also tried with a second controller and even in my laptop, but nothing changed.
Could it be that there’s some problem with FxSound when using USB connection?

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Hello Billy,
Welcome to the forum.
As for the wireless controller/USB connection, I honestly have no idea.
However, I can copy-paste this list of general, simple settings you should probably check first, before we can move on to further troubleshooting (don’t worry, they won’t take up much of your time):

  • Make sure you have the latest version installed, v1.1.16.0, from fxsound.com;
  • Try running FxSound as Administrator;
  • In Windows Sound Settings, make sure all your devices match at the setting “24 bit 48000 Hz” (max);
  • In Windows Sound Settings, make sure the FxSound device is set as the Default Device;
  • In Windows Sound Settings, disable Exclusive Mode for all devices (Playback ànd Recording);
  • In Windows Sound Settings, disable all Enhancements including Loudness Equalization for all devices (except for FxSound which doesn’t have this tab);
  • In Windows Sound Settings, disable Hardware Acceleration;
  • In Windows Sound Settings, disable all devices you don’t use, including the hidden ones.

One more tip by @vincent:

Please go through these items first, and post back with your results.
If the issue persists, we will explore further steps.

Hi again!
I’ve tried everything you suggested, nothing worked. The only thing I found different was that the maximum setting for the controller was 32000Hz. I laso tried DFX Enhancer and I got the same results. I tried with another USB soundcard (Goobay 68878 USB 2.0 Sound Card) and it works.

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Thank you for running through the steps.
If you want, I will tag and PM Vijay, FxSound’s lead programmer, to attempt further troubleshooting, since I personally will not be able to remedy this issue.