[Problem] How do I make the application UI remember it's position

So, I like the UI of this app so much (props to the devs), that I am using this as a widget :stuck_out_tongue:
But, I can’t make it remember its position on the screen, whenever I start the program, it launches on the centre of the screen, which is kinda … sad XD
So, Is there a way to get around this?


Hi Aryan,

Could you please share which versions of Windows and FxSound you are running, and if you haven’t installed the latest version yet, v1.1.20.0, then please download and install it through fxsound.com?
Downloading the latest updates for your OS seems like a good idea too.
Also, could you please clarify how and where you set the UI to be used as a widget, and if the location issue occurs with the regular non-widget version of the UI as well?
Because I know for a fact that my UI remembers its place on the screen every time.

First of all, I am grateful for people and companies like you, who make the best products for free, I am really enjoying this app, it’s just perfect, I’ll try to donate in the near future : )

Yeah sure, I have the latest version installed already.


This looks cool on my desktop, so I want it to remember its position where it’s kept, even after quitting the app from the taskbar

But, after I quit the program (or restart my PC), it gets to the centre of the screen, and I have to manually drag and drop each time, which I don’t want, is there a way around this?

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For the versions
This is the fxSound version (latest)
I have windows 11 pro, latest one I think, the build is “22631.3007”

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When you wrote in your opening post,

It was unclear to me that you meant restarting FxSound after having closed the program.

Many thanks for all the info provided - the initial report, the explanation, the screenshots, the build numbers; this clarifies things, and I can confirm that the displacement you are describing, does indeed occur on my machine as well, both with the large version as well as with the minimal version of the interface.

My guess would be, that FxSound places itself at the center of the screen after being restarted, for the user’s convenience; however, I can perfectly understand how some users, like yourself, might actually find this more of an inconvenience.

As far as I know, there is currently no fix for this, since no one ever observed or mentioned it yet, and this issue might be worth adding to the GitHub Issues Tracker; but, I added this very similar feature request in December of last year, and perhaps it would be a good idea to simply expand on it.

Forum member Ananda96 requested the addition of the possibility to “pin” FxSound’s main user interface into place, similar to the one found in RainMeter widgets.

Oh, it’s okay, so… I’ll have to wait for the next update? Um, thanks for notifying!

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sadly yes this is a newer system compaired to thare old one

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It’s a shame that I have to explain this over and over again, but, please don’t expect this change to get worked in overnight, or even with the next released update.
Our team is still very small, our GitHub is still in its birthing phase, we only have one lead engineer who is in charge of all the programming efforts, and he is very busy, so updates are proceeding very slowly.
I did just add your feature request to the Issues Tracker,


It’s okay, I understand!

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