Position on Desktop

Would you like to consider in next version a fixed position on desktop?
I’m using rainmeter on desktop with equal colors (I asked for for color change) and design with non movable positions of the widgets.
After Win 11 start the position of FXSound is centered on desk and i have to move it manually, i didn’t found any option to make it non movable or fixed position neither size.
i would like to upload a picture of my desk if possible.
I am a big fan of rainmeter/rainlendar with widgets from deviantart.
Thank you for this superb tool, i am also a music addict.

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Hi Ananda,

There are indeed no such options.

Thank you for asking nicely.
I personally think it would be in the best interests of most users to keep the interface movable.
That being said, @james is the owner of FxSound, and @bvijay is its lead engineer; I am only a moderator on the forum.
Also, FxSound just became open-source quite literally yesterday, and while it is uncertain what this will mean for the future of the software, I’m guessing that theoretically, just about any change is now possible, if someone is willing to develop it…

unfortunately i have no idea about programming and will never be.
What i mean was about moving around AND with one click make it sticky and save position.
thats the way how rainmeter widgets works.

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Ah, okay.
Sorry for misunderstanding.
I’ve never used that particular program, so I was unaware that that is how it works.
It does sound like a much better idea that way.

I’ve played around with rainmeter. This is an interesting idea!

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thank you beeing interested in my ideas.
using rainmeter since windows 7.
also take a look at rainlendar. you can import ical and google calendar.

best community for rainy is deviantart .

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