No Sound Whole pc is broken

Please help me for the love of life, i downloaded this app and deleted it and now have absolutely no sound and my oc is rendered useless, i need this to run classes, please someone help me or add me on discord and help me there @BEWERM#0352 please and thank you

Hi @PLEASE_DELETE, Can you help? I don’t even know where to begin on this one.

First, as often, here are WAY to less details! Please describe the problem IN DETAIL and try the common stuff found on the forums; like checking for default audio and communication devices and post a screenshot of device manager and audio devices so we can have a look.

Second, if you just downloaded and then deleted, it cannot be caused by FxSound, right? I guess, you installed and used the program also? In this case, see first.

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Realtek displays audio frequency signals showing that the output audio is working but my headset is still not picking up sound, my mic works people can hear me amd this headsets output audio works on my other computer, so its not the mic, ive been up for hours trying to good through the properties trying different things watching videos but nothing, and the problem occured for before i deleted FX… Ive resulted to factory resetting my pc after spending hours trying to fix… All because i downloaded this app in hopes of boosting sound. Hopefully this factory reset fixes the issue if not please add me on discord and ill stream my screen

Something that seems to help a lot of people, is a full uninstall of FxSound with specialized complete uninstaller software.
You can find those easily on the web, and some of them can be downloaded free of charge as well.

this might be due to the audio drivers, if it’s not fixed lmk I’ll help you on discord

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New here . Maybe this helps maybe it was mentioned and I missed it . But when I installed Fx , it defaulted to my digital output rather than my speakers .

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