Need Help mimicking sound blaster music profile into FxSound

Hi everyone.

I’ve been using SoundBlaster Cinema 2 music profile for the past 7 years

Im very much used to it and I really like it. However since I got my new PC I’m unable to install it due to licensing issues so I want ahead with FxSound yet due to my lack of experience with audio I’m unable to configure FxSound properly to be like Sound Blaster

Can someone please help me with that ? I’ve provided images of Sound Blaster music profile that I want to be in FxSound

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Hello LionHeart,
Assuming the following:
Surround in SoundBlaster = Surround Sound in FxSound,
Crystalizer in SoundBlaster = Clarity in FxSound,
Bass in SoundBlaster = Bass Boost in FxSound,
Smart Volume in SoundBlaster = Dynamic Boost in FxSound,
Simply match the percentages of your former settings to the decimals on the sliders in FxSound.
So e.g. if Crystalizer was set to 50%, set the Clarity slider in FxSound to 5.
Leave the Ambience slider off (on 0).
Hope that helps.


That’s funny because today I was going thru my junk drawer and I found my old sound blaster gadget. I thought those were out a long time ago? I missed it too! :disappointed_relieved:

I’ve created a somewhat similar approach. However I did try to mimicking the sound equalizer profiles of Sony Home Audio System. Maybe you may want to give it a shot. Here’s the link: Custom EQ's - Sony's EmotionEQ and FrontSURR - #3 by markili114

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Thanks everyone !

Sadly I wasnt able to adjust FxSound settings to replicate exactly those of SoundBlaster
It appears that SoundBlaster uses a special method in adujsting their Surround processing
which is the key issue here as FxSound lack such processing method

Therefore , the only way to solve that issue was to download/create a licensed-free program of Soundblaster, luckily I was able find such thing after long long digging in the web
Here it is:

Nonetheless Im still using Fxsound, its an amazing app with tons of features and a really easy to use user interface, I wish success to the developers with their amazing project.
Hope more people will know about it though.

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